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27, male, Single

Kingfisher Bay Resort, Australia

Names tommy :)20,6ft1,Single daddy,Virgo,Aboriginal, Canadian american Indian,Qualified chef & baker by trade,Spiritual,Live on Fraser island,Smoke,Drink,Live to love and love to live :)Adds.Facebook: Thomas Keith Popp.Snap chat: mooki0109Instagram: mooki0109

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25, male, Single

Shrewsbury, United States

Hi! I'm a young rocker trying to meet like minded people on here, I've got an open mind to all music and personality. Drop me a line and let's chat eh? Canadian joke aside, I really hope to find some cool and interesting people on here.

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27, female, Single

Winnipeg, Canada

Salam! I'm a 21 year old, Canadian born and raised Afghan. I'm the nicest and most caring person you'll probably ever encounter. I have a son who is just a baby, I'm obviously not with the father, but I am not seeking a hook up. I would like to find a friend or serious relationship. I'm very laid back and easy to talk to so don't hesitate to message me!

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47, male, Single

Zachow, United States

Guess I've always been the idealistic artist type though I always endeavor to create art in very manly fashion. I'm most proud of my nude motorcycle jump over a pool of live piranha, with fish paste performance piece. Banned in 6 counties for being too avant guarde.Other than my motorcycle jump stylings I play the bass rather religiously also. Went to Cornish out of high school and am an accomplished musician playing everywhere from my friends garage, to my other friends garage. Even internationally at a Canadian friends garage.*primps hair*So music is probably the closest thing to magic for me. You should enjoy deep conversation, silly funny, nature and of course motorcycle jumping over pools of live piranha. If this sounds like you or you are an EMT or medically trained and looking for a gig, I might be able to use you on standby at one of my shows.Latest project, really excited about this one.

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62, male, Divorced

Vancouver, Canada

I'm a single Canadian guy, looking for a female friend/partner and beyond. Lets connect if your interested in meeting to chat online for an icebreaker.

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