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Pahrump, United States

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29, male, Single

Chennai Race Course, India

I love to travel around the world i love playing football and like to for long drive i used to draw sometimes i lole all type of girls and just wanted to have fun and chat thats it

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37, male, Single

Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom

Hi there, my name is dan,Thought I'd give this site a go, had some ups and downs the last few years have been trying to cope with anxiety and depression, and wanted to chat to peeps with similar experiences.A little bit about me, work as a barman in a local restaurant, am doing some training in the kitchen too, it can be really odd hours but I like the job and have been doing it for just over a year.Hobbies and interests, read comics, listen to heavy metal, have a soft spot for older cars and occasionally dabble in airsoft and paintballing, not a military guy but couldn't pass up the opportunity to sit on a tank.Looking forward to going to new york comicon in october. That's about it for now feel free to say hi if you fancy a natter.

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41, female, Divorced

Raleigh, United States

i am Mrs Jane Williams, a scientist working with a bank in UK, i will be glad to meet good people as friends all ROUND the globe to share and chat with, i am also seeking a nice and trust worthy person.

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31, male, Single

Tsangano, Malaysia

me i am 23 yrs old i dont care what race u are black or white or body size fat or skinny i just wanna be friendly socialize so anyone can chat with me i can understand your feelings

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34, male, Single

Manundo, Myanmar

Hi, im jack micalCan call me jack.Thank for add your team.i wanna be chat with lovely lady. But at that time not ok. Now i have to your team. Good luck for me

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