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Johar Baru, Indonesia

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Sandusky, United States

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52, male, Divorced

Hays, United States

maybe its in the spirit of new beginings maybe its just an old hunger growing older, sometimes its hard to admit that its really cold inside as one smiles and replies "FINE" to the unending how are you ? I used to or still partially think being independent is all that matters but somehow as I tend to not lack anything in my life, my future seems definitely secured yet there still stands this black hole sucking in all the success and no feeling of fulfilment. I continue to place new tasks before myself and before I start deep down I know I would succeed yet I know it wouldnt do it. I hope I am not sounding too confident as life definitely doesnt have any constants, I grew up not having any friends, mostly in foster homes and once with an abusive uncle and I became obsessed with the desire to prove that somehow I could be desirable and someone would really care about me as a person not for what benefit I could be to them but because of my individual person, from the days of foster homes when I was taken in only because of the check I would draw from the government to the years after school where every woman or man that was close to me was only for the financial benefits. I am a humble man who enjoys outdoors, love kids but have none, I have a few friends but none permanent, lived alone most of my adult life so somehow I find domestic chores easy to cope with, love dining out but cannot go to the exotic restaurants I would want to go to as it is hard going alone. I chose to attempt finding a woman on the internet because I find that in recent years I barely have time for myself and at this point in my life I am making arrangements for my life to be less hectic so I can have a shot at trying to really live life and not just go throug everyday like an automated robot. The dream of living for me wouldn't be complete if I have to sit at the coffee table alone , dine in regular cafe, go to the movies alone and worst of all not have someone to say good night to every night

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42, male, Divorced

Raleigh, United States

Am Vasa, 30 years and Loving, Caring and Athletic. I have encounter different relationships which didnt end well because i always falls into the wrong hands. I Give love and received deceits in returns. I am once married with a child but got divorced in less than one year of Marriage. I have live my life wondering why this happens to me. I recently decides that whoever give me love and affection is who i will go with no Matter, Age, Race or location. That is why now i believe my love can come from a older cougar woman. I hope to find the right person here. Kisses

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46, male, Divorced

Thamaw Chaung, Iran

I enjoy having a happy relationship with somebody who respects human and sets arrangements in order to create a reliable long run trust.I have every thing but love and ready to spend whatever necessary to make a love based relationship resulting to marriage, calmness and happiness.

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32, female, Single

Paris, France

I am a female of 24 years. I am on Cougar Dating in order to see if it should be possible to find a nice partner for a long lasting relationship that will last for a long term before i came over to your profile. I have black hair, am 170cm tall and weigh 62kg. My zodiac sign is taurus.

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29, male, Single

Belleair Shores, United States

Im gabrielCool laidback not with gamesVery mature for my ageLooking for a beautiful cougar to spend time withHit me up if thats you

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