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30, male, Single

Clipston, United Kingdom

Hello fellow users, I'm Chris, I'm into heavy metal and rock music, if you wanna know about my favourite bands just ask I'm pretty friendly and honest so feel free to chat, I like going to gigs, meeting with mates, playing Xbox 360/PS3, meeting new people and exploring new places, I have a railcard so if I did manage to meet someone on here I can freely travel between towns/cities during the weekends.I joined this site to try meet that special someone so I don't do dirty stuff and nor am I interested in swapping dirty pictures thankyou very much, all I'm looking for is to be given the chance to take a nice girl on a nice date to see if we'd be good together in a long term, committed relationship.I am also not into people who are going to waste my time, so if you're going to start a conversation with me please try to make it last longer than 5 minutes and please try to refrain from blocking me for no apparent reason whatsoever as it does get frustrating when you're trying to actually be social on here and there are so many people who are rude and generally unsocial on every single website they've signed up to. Also please do not just click on my profile and don't bother replying to my messages, if I've taken the effort to speak to you then the least I deserve is a reply to say you'd like to speak to me or to say no I'm not your type, at the end of the day it's just common courtesy to let someone know if you're interested in getting to know them or if they're not really what you're looking for.

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32, male, Single

Sidi Madani, Algeria

I'm the kind of gentleman who's full of optimism and enjoys life. And here I'm on this website trying to find my soulmate. I already know what I want from life and what can make me happy I feel that in our world people start to forget about love and romance. I hope to meet a woman who will love me with all heart and soul and I hope to make her the happiest woman in the world.

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31, male, Single

Ain Barda, Morocco

I'm a new guy here in the website i'm a healthy man i'm 25 years old i speak only english and frensh i wanna meet a girl from here and start a serious relationship with any girl interested send me a message with the fb account or whatsapp number

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28, male, Single

Jelcz-Laskowice, Pakistan

i am intresting in friendship with girls and hobby social website visiting and time spent in study.... Sometimes live lonely....

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44, male, Single

Cleveland, United States

Hey, everyone. I didn't know this website existed until today. I'm a nice guy from Suffolk County who has struggled with depression my whole life. It's actually prevented me from really connecting with people the way I know i'm capable of, because I think many people don't really understand what it's like. I tend to pull away and isolate from people, because I fear of bringing them down when my funks hit. But it would be great to meet someone who thinks and feels similarly to me. So that's why I'm here. My passions include hiking, music (progressive rock/metal), and the Mets and Knicks. I also like to write in my spare time. Anyway, drop me a line if you'd like to talk further. :)

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