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32, male, Single

Jefferson, United States

I'm a loner. Not a big people person. I write and play piano. I'm big into old horror movies, Japanese horror movies, music and video games.

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32, female, Single

Espanola, United States

I like anime, horror movies and mangas(japanese comics), and graphic novels. I know over 15 words in japanese due to memorizing the japanese language from watching anime in japanese which i find super-cool! I also like Stephen King's books as well as Dean Koontz and Anne Rice. am a bit of a nerd. besides that just ask if you want to get to know me:)

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35, female, Single

Bay Village, United States

hmmmm... ... i love meeting new friends and i love bar hopping... im a ramp and commercial model... i used to spend my time with my friends, watching movies, shopping, uhmmm, boy hunting? joke... hehehe... wat else? uhm... read books... watch dvd all day and all night... hahahaha... movie addict me eh... hahahaha... wat else? hmmmmmmm... spend my time with my special someone.... wel, til here... if u want to know me more just send me a message... okie? well, see yah guys... *im 5'5 1/2 *half filipina/ half japanese *loves music (esp r&B and acoustic) *im a b!@tch with a heart *im a hard headed girl *im very loving person *i hate being judge or being doubted *i have two step brothers *im a lover not a fighter *i hate posers, pretenders and liars *im suplada and snob (joke) *im a sleep addict *i love being taken care of * i love guys!!! lots of guys!!! *i cant live a day without my fone and my credit cards *i love shooping!!! *i love cars

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50, male, Single

Zagreb, Croatia

i like Japan, japanese culture, history and art; practice Kyudo and Kendo, Like Ozu Yasujiro movies

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42, male, Single

Bangalore Fort, India

Hiya there,If you are looking for someone that's passionate about life, then you might be the one I am looking out for. I am In love with classical, new age and world music. I do have a sense of humor although not a German one, at least not yet. I certainly am a dependable person, and I tend to approach life with a practical attitude. I try to challenge myself a little bit every single day, to spice things up and to keep me on my toes. I am a Londoner but I do move around quite a bit, well traveled. I am deeply in love with the Chinese, Korean and Japanese stuff...sounds more like music to my ears. I love to workout but I certainly am not a fitness freak, athletic and sporty though, I am looking for someone who wouldn't mind joining me in my light workout sessions or at least keep me motivated for that ever elusive six pack abs. Looking for the type that has her own goals in life, and a life of her own. Wouldn't mind if she had a kid, pet lovers of dogs or horses also are most welcome but certainly not pythons....:) My work does keep me preoccupied and being a Techno-entrepreneur certainly hasn't made it any easier. I am looking out for someone that can be quite is intellectual and that's looking out for a well balanced person . XoXo

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