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52, female, Single

Hertford, United Kingdom

I'm a Londoner whose returned to the UK after living in Ireland for 14 years. I work in both the film industry & care sector. I love going to the cinema, theatre, galleries, music festivals and museums. I have a wonderful 18 year old daughter. Looking for friendship, fun and if I was to be so fortunate to find my soul mate on this site - that would be incredible.

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50, male, Married

Tricha, Thailand

I see Thailand and I am familiar with this type of society. I have rights for German citizenship, but I am not fond of living in Germany. Seattle and Vancouver are very nice. I think that I have a chance to own property in Ireland but it may require a lawyer. My family was displaced from Ireland over a century ago. Although I am from New Jersey people elsewhere in the USA are amazed that a person from the State of New Jersey is kind. It would have been lovely not to have been displaced from the Emerald Island a century ago, but that is fine, but it would be nice to find a home. My family has a history of being displaced for thousands of years but we seem to succeed everywhere we go. I have no desire to achieve success in Thailand. I want to leave this place and I understand what the problems are. I have decided never to raise awareness on what the problem is exactly. Many westerners are not happy in Thailand. I have enough knowledge in social psychology that it is obvious Cambodia is the best country in South East Asia for a westerner to be comfortable with the nationals. I have not been to Cambodia, but with the help of research it is easy to see that Cambodia is a quality country.You may find being a friend of myself to be very beneficial for the both of us.

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31, male, Single

Albany, Australia

Im from northern Ireland and i have been in ozz from September. Just trying to have as much fun as possible would be nice to meet someone to travel and do things with

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42, male, Single

Dublin, Ireland

New in Beijing. Moving soon from Ireland and would like to meet new friends..

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43, male, Single

Denpasar Barat, Indonesia

Hi Well I'm very new here and plans to stay all going well a very long time. I'm from Ireland and have a professional position of employment. Hope to

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