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Dating Prospect dhenar

Balikpapan Tengah, Indonesia

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Syracuse, United States

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Vernon, United States

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Lower Valley, Cayman Islands

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Mechanic, United States

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Enloe, United States

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Ngebel, Indonesia

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Kingston, Jamaica

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59, male, Widowed

New Boston, United States

I am easy touchy, emotional, fastidious, honest, attentive. Likes: Dance, swimming, walks. I want to meet a kind, romantic and interesting person, who will present all her love and goodness to me and will become the happiest woman in the world with me. A woman of my dream is a person who knows what she wants.

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39, female, Single

Oyamada, Japan

Hi, I will be traveling to Osaka in 6 months and looking to meet someone.During my free time I like to read, write, and paint. I am looking forward to moving to will be interesting to learn about the culture.

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61, male, Single

Guidan Magaji, Ghana

I believe we can meet decent and honest people in every sphere of life. At my leisure, i like cooking, swimming and going into the forest to watch nature. I also love traveling to other countries.

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66, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

I am a young and open minded person but at the same time I am serious and motivated. I am seeking not only for a nice person with whom I can share my life with but also for happiness, I believe happiness is the main and the most important matter which motivates our days, we can compare it to loyalty, to be faithful, to be sincere and to smile. One proverb says smile to life and it will smile to you back. I am active, I like working and feeling I am useful to someone or to myself, it depends on circumstances. If you feel we have some points in common, so please take a minute to share your feelings with me and maybe a nice story starts from there. I cannot be indifferent to pain. I try to understand people and I don't like conflicts. I believe that bitter truth is better than sweet lie. I try to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. I believe that we will build our lives ourselves. I think that life is too interesting and and too short and we should take everything from it. I am curious and would like to do several things I never had a chance or time to do them, maybe in the future. I try to lead active and healthy way of life. I like to meet with my friends.

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45, female, Divorced

Lakewood, United States

About myself,I am reliable,dependable, sensitive,caring,honest person.I am known to be very patient and mild mannered,respectful, easy going and very understanding and supportive, with a twisted sense of humor added to the blended mixI am looking for someone who has the same qualities that I have...someone to put a smile on my face when we are together. Someone who has the time to see me and misses me until we are together again. I want to put a smile on someone's face during the course of their day because I cross their mind. Someone who has family values since I am very close to my family. I want to meet someone I can talk to about my day and will listen whether good or badI have a sense of humor that allows me to laugh at any topic/situation.I am a lover of sports and nature, I play and watch various sports, I do not believe in playing cruel games or messing around with people's emotionsI do not smoke or do drugs.I enjoy country settings/waterfront locations,I am looking for someone to get to know, I am willing to find out what the possibilities are.I have blonde hair and blue eyes.I am not looking for someone to complete me or my life, just someone to add to the enrichment/ enjoyment.I am not in a rush to propel through this fascinating journey called life, but i do seek a best friend/partner who shares similar values/goals, and is similar in nature.Humor is a must be able to laugh at themselves, it keeps you healthy.I seek someone who can hold my hand while i laugh through my tears, someone who will pass me there hand to hold while they laugh through their tears. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything, i am open minded and believe in effective communication accompanied with honesty.

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