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El Reno, Oklahoma, Canadian, United States

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Oakdale, United States

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Pasar Rebo, Indonesia

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Vuregi School, Seychelles

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North Henderson, United States

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Keputih, Indonesia

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Bough Beech, United Kingdom

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Green River, United States

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29, male, Single

Wasnal, Pakistan

my name is Jay and i am from Lahore,Pakistan ! though i am moving to Austraila soon i like to Travel a lot ^^ its one of my hobbies,i have a Dream to go on a world Tour someday,these days i am finishing my college ! Between all of this there is one thing that still bothers me,the fact that i am *Alone and single* as long as i can remember ! haha so i came to this dating site to look for Friendship and maybe love( who knows) ! Promise if u get to know me i won't bore u to death haha ! so Let's get to know each other ^^

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52, male, Widowed

Drumlaghy One, United Kingdom

I am well mannered and patient man, who understand the intricacies of a relationship and ready to compromise and make reasonable compromises. Its my first attempt at a dating site but I am very optimistic

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42, male, Divorced

Cincinnati, United States

Recently divorced and looking for guys in Westchester County, NY/NYC (Bronx/Manhattan), Connecticut, & New Jersey for dating and more. I like having wild times when I'm not working! I am NOT a model, I just play one on TV. Hahahahahahhahhaha :-D

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31, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am a nice young girl looking for serious relationship that is why i join this dating sites and if you are interested you can stop by and say hi you are welcome.

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40, female, Widowed

Hays, United States

Hi there ... I'm a fun, honest, happy, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of lady. I'm big-hearted and considerate and realize it's not all about me ... thank God!! My pics are current and, although flattering (I guess), I've been told more than once that I look better in person ... go figure but we all can't be photogenic ... then there would be no such thing as pleasant surprises!! I think we're all on this site pretty much looking for the same thing ... to possibly make a connection and ultimately kiss internet dating good-bye (yay!). It would be awesome to meet someone adventurous, with a great sense of humor, who can take life as it comes. I'm not looking for perfection just someone where we're perfect for each other. Either that or someone independently wealthy and very generous! Seriously, everyone seems intent on finding the right person but how about working on being the right person? It goes without saying but honesty, trust, mutual respect, and communication are huge since it's impossible to have a healthy relationship without them. So is adaptability since none of us gets our way all the time, right?! Anyway, thanks for checking me out and all the best on your journey! PS: I'm looking to stay within the age range I've specified for now ... thanks!

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Whitethorn, United States

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Alamosa, United States

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Mapanget, Indonesia

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Lakewood, United States

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Bata-Siala, Egypt

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Bendungan Hilir, Indonesia

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Brooklyn, United States

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Pocahontas, United States

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Aur Duri, Indonesia

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Sturbridge, United States

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Cempaka Putih, Indonesia


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