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Dating Prospect ryan

Brownsburg, United States

Dating Prospect raj

Melbergen, New South Wales, Australia

Dating Prospect stevie779

Truro, United Kingdom

Dating Prospect joshmassiah

Oblong, United States

Dating Prospect nashpm

Green River, United States

Dating Prospect tylerray

Mico, United States

Dating Prospect gloriaannhansona

Anniston, United States

Dating Prospect judyscott012

Alamosa, United States

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32, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I'm kind of new though too this online dating I'm also willing to have a good man for my self ever since i have been hurt by my man i have been single and he really break and melt my heart.

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57, male, Divorced

Columbia, United States

I hate to fill these things out. Who likes to talk about themselves. It is also hard to judge someone by a picture on a dating site. Let's chat and find out if we can kick up some dust and take it from there.

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42, male, Single

Bet Narayan Maharaj, India

Looking for some good valuable friends to spend time and understand, good conversations meetups and go forward. It's good to have great friends...

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65, male, Widowed

Stirling City, United States

Howdy, ma'am! My name's Greg, and I'm here to steal your heart (with your permission, of course). Cheesy lines aside, I thought it would be fun to try out this online dating thing, as many of my friends have recommended it. Apparently, you can meet some pretty cool people online (who would've thunk?!). So without further ado, here are a few tidbits about myself... I spend my days working as a consultant for contruction works and building contracts . In a nutshell, this means I get to fly across borders, continent and countries in search for a big job or carrying out project. traveling is exciting, however the nature of my job keeps me a little bit online when i'm searcing for contract contacts and sometimes offline when i'm busy with the contract. when I enter an unfamiliar city or country, the first thought that comes to my mind is: "where can i meet people that can help with contract". Fortunately, I find time to read about new inventions, technology and other peoples cultures which gives me adequate information about the current trends.My biggest passion in life is music. I LOVE Moe Bandy, Red Foley and the Browns (and pretty much every other hair band from the 80's!). There's nothing quite as exhilarating as strumming on a six-string with my friends as we sing classic rock songs at the top of our lungs. Family is very important to me, and I make it a point to have dinner with my folks at least twice a week. Five things I couldn't do without: - The Internet - Reading - Traveling- Music- My jobAnyway, if you still want to know more about me send me a message here

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37, female, Single

Gainesville, United States

First off, I have a daughter, life revolves around her. But I still can find time for the right man.I'm a nail tech, I absolutely love my job. I've been out of the dating loop for a year now. But I think I'm ready to meet someone who's worthy of my time. Cheating is a deal breaker.And alcoholics are a deal breaker as well. I really believe that even though I've been through some pretty hellish relationship, I still believe there is a man out for still.

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Dating Prospect ryo

Muara Lakitan, Indonesia

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Pontotoc, United States

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Edmonton, Canada

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Vicarello, Italy

Dating Prospect ferddy

Cempaka Putih, Indonesia

Dating Prospect larryk

Cosenza, Italy

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Murdock, United States

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Triplett, United States

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Pulau Ternate, Indonesia

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Rockaway Beach, United States

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Cibeureum, Indonesia

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Benua Melayu Darat, Indonesia

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Cosenza, Italy

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Bata-Siala, Egypt

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Angke, Indonesia

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Bough Beech, United Kingdom


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