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38, male, Single

Vittalnagar, India

Obviously very depressed that's why I decided to join this site and give it a try.I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and I do have a lot of regrets as well, I tried some other dating sites but I just wasn't sure how to have a conversation with someone who is so happy and full of life!I do want to be happy and I am really hoping to meet someone who will alleviate me out of this chronic depression. Living and working in India for more then 4 years, next year (February 2016) I am going to China to teach English in a big city so really looking forward to that.Not sure what else to mention at the moment.

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34, male, Single

Asagigacik, Turkey

Hello dear ladies, regards from Turkey. I hope that everybody finds a true person and has a happy family=) Let me introduce myself BRIEFLY and CLEARLY... I'm 28 and I live in Istanbul. I am a naval architect and marine engineer and working in private sector. I live with my family and I love them very much. I am an only boy of my family. In my opinion, I am respectful, responsible, honest, kind and warm-hearted. In addition, I am a Muslim and I believe the Allah deeply. I am a conservative. I pray the our creator 5 times a day. I try to do everything in our religion. That's why we should have a same religion with my wife. She should try to learn our language, culture and traditions... She shouldn't drink alcohol and she shouldn't smoke. She should know English because we can speak with her in English at first time. By anyway, I tried to explain reality of my main life rules. I am just a good guy. Let me assure you, in my point of view I can be a good husband for every ways.

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29, female, Single

Xewkija, Mongolia

I like reading and sing. I am interesting science. I can speak english bad. But i want learn english. Can you help me:>

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27, male, Single

Novoiushino, Russian Federation

There are many interesting and exciting things to do when you are spending your free time. Each person has his interests and hobbies such as reading books, watching TV, going in for sports. My favorite hobby is studying foregn languages and going in for sports. I also fond of reading english books. I like to travel, but it is difficult to visit countries, when you do not know the language spoken there!

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56, male, Separated

Tagish, Canada

Hi I m from Canada, basically Indian origin, well settled in Canada, waiting for my divorce which may take one year. 23yrs of married life was not happy since the beginning. As kids were growing I wait for such a long, now I m free as kids are grown up, looking for my real peace and happiness. I don't drink, smoke and drug. Very hard worker, not having much leisure activity except watching movies and music Expecting woman of same character, interested on doctor with good English and subject knowledge to pass Canadian exams to practice here

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