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31, female, Single

Shimizu, Japan

Konnichiwa minasan, Yuu desu.. I can't speak japanese fluently, I learned mostly by watching animes.. but I hope to meet someone who can teach me. I love to draw especially anime type of illustrations. I'm quite an awkward and shy person but I like making friends.

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31, male, Single

Joliette, United States

To get it out of the way, I smoke marijuana. Not constantly as I almost never have any, but with any luck, I might be able to get it medically. I have several medical issues, mostly with my mental health. I do not have a job, a car, or my own place because of my medical problems. I love nature, history, video games, and formula one. There are many other things I like but it's difficult for me to list them all so just ask. However I can't stand country music, high maintenance girls, and girls who are very clingy.I love redheads (gingers), punk/emo/goth girls who don't go over the top with the look, but have black or mixed dyed hair. I also have a thing for Japanese girls. But the one thing I love most are green eyes.I'll add more to this when I think of something else to put down.

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28, male, Single

Flagstaff, Vietnam

Hello,I'm Lan from Vietnam. I'm a final year student, studying Software Engineering. As an IT guys, my life is quite lonely. I'm seeking for some Japanese friends.

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29, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am Luxerina the fabulous beauty who loves to be treated like a princess queen I'm a very beautiful talented women who is looking to be loved and have a good relationship and NO bull I really love anime, manga, video games, Gyaru fashion and Japanese culture My hobbies are drawing, journaling, shopping, and blogging I like to hang out with my friends go to new events, also like meeting new people and traveling My goals in the future is to be an international supermodel, go to countries like living in japan and also being an famous manga/illustratorI live in NY and I'm engertic, bubbly, confident gal and I love to have fun and make good memories

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51, female, Single

Central, Singapore

i am who i am looking here, I am a easy going, straightforward person, fun, humorous,enjoyed traveling, any hobbies I will try as l'm quite a adventurous too. I am single , been divorced for almost 6 yrs now, working in a Japanese company as " Customer Service Supplies & Admin Officer". My free time is after visit my parents , I will go out any cafe for a cosy relax time reading or go for a long walk alone or sometimes hang out with some travellers or friends who visit my small country, Sometimes I will spend time alone watching movies online and house cleaning. I am not a drinker Nor a smoker and I am fine friends are. I loved to be pamper, kissing , passionate , loved to be cuddle and holding hands any where and place , also spending quality time with each other. I loved animals especially dogs.:pI am hoping to meet someone who is genuine,trustworthy, respectful, enjoy traveling, funny , humors, passionate, romantic, love kissing , love cuddling , holding hands and hoping for o find that chemistry click and able to keep the conversation going. He must meant what he say .

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