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Scranton, United States

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Balikpapan Tengah, Indonesia

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Karangwaru, Indonesia

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New Delhi, India

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63, male, Widowed

Delta, United States

I am 60 years old and have been widowed since 2004 with one adopted son who just turned 17 and lives in California schooling. I will say i had a good marriage but it all ended when i lost my wife in 2004 while i was still in Iraq for the first time when the war first started. I lost my mom to cancer the same year so 2004 was such a difficult year for me. I have only tried to be in a relationship once since i lost my wife but that didn't last for long and ended badly(story for another time). I have never been involved with any woman since then and rather concentrated on my career. I am a private contractor working with the USAF in Syria at the moment. I have been here for 8 straight weeks and i have 3 more weeks to return home.This is my first time on an online dating site and i joined only because my friend who introduced me found his woman from there and now live together so i also hope to find the same luck on there...I am a very outdoorsy person and i like to play tennis and golf as my hobbies, I am very open minded and i can try everything once. I like to go to the movies to watch a popular new movie or to the stadium to watch a professional sporting event. I like to eat out and go out on weekends with friends but i hate to return to an empty home as all my friends also have their own partners to be with.I like music very much but cannot play any instrument and can listen to anything on the radio except rock and heavy metal. I like country, classical, jazz, 80's, blues and some opera.I like traveling and sight seeing a lot. I have been to over 26 different countries across the world and there are still others that i will like to see and others i will like to revisit. My job allows me to travel a lot but it doesn't always give me the chance to explore more of the area. I am open minded and can try anything once. My last vacation destination was South Africa and i loved the place very much. They have nice game reserves and the people there are beautiful. I

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37, male, Single

East York, Canada

New to this online stuff, however off the top in a nutshell, love to travel try new food, vlntr free time to help others, expedition planner, being with family and close friends.

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52, male, Divorced

Emerson, United States

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it's a mine field in the online dating arena. I mean, I'm sure there is the occasional great catch out there, but the only way to find it is to get out there and risk it. You don't know there's a mine there until you step on it, right? A great relationship usually starts with two people who just really like each other. Hell, sometimes they just vaguely like each other, but the more you talk, the more you truly see. So we're all here looking for that diamond in the rough (and yes, that was an Aladdin reference). The only thing I know for sure is that I'd rather our movie be a romantic comedy than any other category. Wouldn't you? As a former coonass and sailor, I cuss accordingly, but I've also been a business professional for a long time now, and I was raised by a good family, so I know how to act. I don't drink very often, but if you don't like to go dancing, get a little buzz on and laugh so hard that no sound comes out every once in a while, we are NOT a match. I'm very active and try to keep myself both mentally and physically in good shape, and hope to meet a woman that feels the same way. I've been told by friends that I'm fairly humorous, honest, trustworthy, and can hold my own in an interesting and stimulating conversation. I hope they're right! I find both indoor and outdoor activities equally interesting and have tried to maintain a fair balance. I can enjoy a great get away on the beach, or listen to a wonderful concert and be entertained as long as I'm with the right partner! What I hope to find in a relationship is someone that will compliment my life and I'll be able to do the same towards her. My values are one of my best assets and it's made me capable of being a better person and man. I'm a sincere and open individual looking for a woman who hopes to meet someone that has a strong desire to be in a healthy and committed relationship.

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33, male, Single

GroSs-Bieberau, Germany

Hi,I am new to the online dating. I am looking for person to understand each other and also to know each other and to help each other. I respect the person what ever she is.See you soon if some likes it.

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25, male, Single

Hialeah, United States

I like to play online games in my free time which i sadly have an unhealthy amount of free time.......I love having long deep conversations with people but it seems that so many people don't like when you open up to seems that a lot of people just are too scared to hear your life stories it does make me sad. Depression has made me lose alot of friends and i think of suicide almost on a daily basis it's fairly hard to live with myself. I got on here today because i wanna meet someone like me, it doesen't have to be something big at first if you don't want it to be. I wanna meet someone who i can really tell my feelings to. Im a emotional person and i know EXACTLY how it feels to be stuck in a rut you feel like you'll never get out of. But for me personally i don't got alot of hobbies im fairly introverted depression and anxiety attacks cause me just to either sleep or sit in bed and think all day..............I smoke weed also to relieve stress but i've never seen a Therapist or taken depression meds. If you really care to know any of my other interests though you can just ask me it will create nice conversation anyways.

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