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Ijana, Nigeria

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Age: 42


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Personality: Respectful

I am a very well mannered woman and i am all about respect. I give what i get. I put my whole heart and soul into my relationship. I believe it take's two in a love life not one. If you don't work together it will never work. I love to travel and see new things. I'm all about laying in a special spot with my other half for hours and gazing up at the stars above. I'm romantic and feel i need someone who is just as romantic as i. I'm not afraid to show public affection, i like to show how i am happy.I love to surprise my other half, i will leave little notes and draw on the mirror so when you get out the shower you have a reason to smile. I know the big thing's in life matter but i also believe the little things are just as important. I want someone who can look into my eyes and just by looking fall that much deeper in love with me. I think some people say things best when they say nothing at all. Sometimes a touch or look is all that is needed.I LOVE to shop and to cook i know what i want and i try my very best to get what i want and need when i want or need it. I'm looking forward to something serious and possibly marriage. I'm ready to settle down with a real man.
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