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I'm new kind heart here in search of my life companion

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Draper, United States

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Age: 38


Seeking: male


Intentions: Long Term


Personality: Challenging

Life is not always about the destination...sometimes the journey can be more fun or interesting. I''m hoping to find someone with whom I can share the trip. Someone who can make me laugh until I cry, challenge my mind and love me to distraction.
I''m very loyal and giving. I believe in fidelity and should end one chapter before you begin another. My chapters have all been read and I am waiting to write the next one. I would like to find someone who shares my goals and interests, someone who is striving for success (described in many different ways), but not just the pot of gold.
I am a who is very neat and fashionable. I present myself well and enjoy meeting new people. I am friendly and like spending time with friends and family. My friends know me as someone who can listen and give advice when asked, a shoulder to cry on and a kick when needed.
I am responsible, dependable, sincere, loyal and monogamous..... and I'll stop now since I'm starting to sound like the neighbor''s golden retriever. I am looking for someone who is mature and responsible, but still knows how to have fun. We all have some level of success that we strive for, whether it''s career or family or something else. I want someone who wants to succeed at something...even if it''s just learning to dance. This man should be able to support himself and be financially responsible, not necessarily rich,Someone who enjoys spending time with his family and friends, who is open to meeting new people, but enjoys spending time alone as a couple too.
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