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Ordway, United States

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Relationship: Divorced

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Age: 51


Seeking: female


Intentions: Long Term


Personality: Tolerant

I have traveled the world in my career and seen a lot of it. I have conquered some real adversity in my life and gained strength, humility and compassion from it. I am never negative, angry or confrontational. I am passionate about others who are in need and make no excuse for reaching out a helping hand. I don't fall easy for anyone but when I do, I'm all in 100% and I'm yours. I am committed, loving, caring and passionate. A bit old fashioned and a gentleman. I open doors and love to hold your hand. 
I strive to be a nice man to everyone I meet. I am a self employed, self starting motivated entrepreneur and with this comes adversity and change and I am good with it all. I believe that love has to have a solid foundation of close friendship at its core.I know that when its right it will just happen the way it should and we both will know that it's for real
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