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الموقعGreater Accra Region, غانا الحالةغير مرتبط/غير مرتبطة
العمر34, أنثى, 5'11" (181 cm) بحثذكر
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I am real, honest, natural, emotional and creative. I love to keep fit and think I do it with success. Look at my body. Feel my inner beauty and great desire to start serious and loving relationship right now. I appreciate passion in a relationship, kinship of souls, common interests and views on life and common future. I am a romantic woman, loyal and sincere woman. I need to belong to one man in the deep blue see of love. I am loving a caring. I am charming, have a good sense humor, I am really energetic and enthusiastic. My numerous friends say that I am really reliable, sociable, understanding. So I try to help everyone in difficult period of life. I am really gentle caring and passionate when I fall in love. If I get the same response I can give all my sincere love in exchange. Somebody said, that an ideal woman should be "like a chef in the kitchen, a lady in society, and loving in bed". I agree. I am very cheerful smiling and friendly. I love being in the company of friends and make them happy. Do I have any chance to meet someone special? I hope so. I never give up. I am serious woman and I look only for real relations. Online games and exchanging letter for years is not for me. I need a real date and real feelings. I am family-oriented and if you are looking only for one night love, don’t write to me. I need a man who will never be able to hurt me. I need someone to kiss every morning. Is that you? I am ready to commit and melt in the arms of my man, making him the happiest man forever, inspire and achieve harmony together. Self-development, and spiritual balance in the mix with endless desire of exploring new life horizons and giving incredible emotions to my nearest and dearest people, those are exact things, which give me vital appreciation ! of every step and every breath. Life is too short, so maybe it is our time to be happy. Lets take a step, get closer and see. I know we shall find each other soon! Write me!!!

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My partner should love God more then he loves me!!! I believe in God First, Family Second, Job Third and the rest falls into place. I believe the promises made in the bible and how a woman should love her husband and I am willing to do that but only with the right person. He must stand firm and close to the Lord or I am not interested. Praying is important to me so I would love him to be able to pray with me and understand that since God is first and formost, my day starts with prayer. It ends that way as well. For him, I will respect him, love him, honor him and never will he have to fear that I would ever bring shame to our home and I would expect the same from him.

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